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human hair extensions

Ever get into that phase where you feel like chopping your hair off and rockin’ a lob? That’s exactly where I was six months ago. I must have gotten more than six inches cut off! Lately, I’ve been deciding whether or not to grow my hair out or keep it short. I have to admit, I missed having long hair.

Serendipitously, Irresistible Me couldn’t have come at a better time. The brand is based in New York and specializes in high-quality, human hair extensions with affordable prices.

I was really excited to give it a go since I’ve never tried clip-in hair extensions before! Choosing the desired length and perfect shade was a simple process thanks to a how-to video and an illustration to decide what length you want. With the length, I decided to go with the 20″. At first, I thought Silky Ash Blonde #10 was the best shade that closely matched my current hair color, but after watching the video a second time, I was more close to Silky Golden Blonde #14I’m so glad I picked that one because it matched my hair color perfectly.

Once, I had finally received the hair extensions in the mail, I was ready to try them on!

human hair extensions

I love how they had a separate sample of the clip-in hair extension to see if the color matches your hair (before opening the rest of the set). 

Here it goes!

human hair extensions


human hair extensions

Wearing the Silky Gold Blonde #14 in 20″

This took a few tries and practice, but I finally got it! Here are a few before & after pictures:

human hair extensions

human hair extensions

human hair extensions


human hair extenstions


It would’ve been helpful if there was a quick how-to picture to show how to put them on or a link to a specific video tutorial included which is especially helpful for first-timers like me. I watched a few videos that were up on their website and searched on Pinterest for anything that had to do with clip-in hair extensions (which helped me a lot!). There is also a slight smell that you’ll notice at first that I wasn’t too fond of. I’m just really sensitive when it comes to smells, so I noticed it right away, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker unless if you put the hair extensions up close to your nose.

My hair was exactly how I remembered it a few months ago when my hair was super long! I especially love how natural it looks and couldn’t believe how perfect the color matched my hair. I’m really happy with how the results turned out. It’s also very easy to curl or straighten the hair extensions. It’s always fun changing up your look, and I can’t wait to use them for the holidays.

I definitely recommend giving Irresistible Me a try! If hair extensions aren’t your jam, they also have styling tools and hair accessories.

What’s your take on hair extensions? Comment below! Thanks so much for stopping by, loves!

Do what you love with style, Kyla

DISCLOSURE: I received this product from Irresistible Me in exchange for an honest review.


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